• Collect, preserve and conserve archival collection
  • Strengthen public records management across all government Ministries, Authorities and Agencies
  • Provide materials and maintain equipment and facilities for the safeguarding of archival collection
  • Undertake the development of Frameworks, policies and procedures
  • Strengthen the capacity of Archives staff to undertake work of the Archives Division
  • Support and advocate for the development of the Pacific Regional Branch of the International Council of Archives (PARBICA) and International Council of Archives (ICA)
  • Sustain links with national, regional (PARBICA) and international organizations

Priority Targets:

1.         To develop the National Archives and Records Authority
2.         Strengthen recordkeeping for good governance
3.         Improve Archival Infrastructure


1.         Strengthen the management of Archives
2.         Improve Archives Infrastructure
3.         Establish National Archives & Records Authority
4.         Conduct digitization of archival records
5.         Strengthening Public Records Management
6.         Networking