20170501 183020The Museum of Samoa at the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture (MESC) Malifa, was presented with a gift of a *Coin Collection* from Mr Michael Rhodes in memory of Uili Saaga a Samoan man who passed away in an accident in New Zealand. Mr Rhodes who presented the gift used to attend Wellington Boys High School with Uili Saaga.

Mr Rhodes described Uili Saaga as a generous and great-hearted Samoan man who was so passion about the history of Samoa and he had collected these coins as a memory of his home country.

These gifts were given by The Old boys Association of Wellington High School in loving memory of Uili Saaga to Museum of Samoa. The collection includes old Samoan coins as well as old coins of German and New Zealand.

The gifts were received by Ailini Ioelu Eteuati senior museum officer on behalf of the MESC.