IMG 0986A special day for all mothers of the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture (MESC) was celebrated at the MESC Headquarters Malifa. Rev Taumafai Komiti of the Matafele Methodist Church acknowledged the women of their value and the good things they had done for their families, villages, workplace and the church. He stated that mothers as in the bible were regarded as the servants who support and are highly considered as the foundation of all good things.

MESC had recognized all the mothers within the Ministry as an inspiration through this special service and as a token of appreciation they were also presented with leis and gifts for their contribution and hard work.

Another highlight of the day was the prize giving for the MESC garden competition in divisions which everyone put an effort into the beautification and decoration of MESC compound. The places are as follows:

                                    1st        :           ICT and Media Division

                                    2nd       :           Sports Division

                                    3rd       :           Curriculum Design and Materials Division                                                                              

This was an initiative by the MESC CEO and the Social Committee to motivate staff members not only to break from the usual routine in the office but promoting a healthy living with the transformation of MESC surroundings.

The beautiful service was organized by the CDMD with refreshments provided by the Social Committee.