Awareness programs for the newly approved Minimum Service Standards started on Monday 24th of July for a week and a half covering both Savaii and Upolu. The program is being rolled out by district with the target of covering all 21 educational districts by Friday 28th July for Savaii and 1st August for Upolu. The target audience are school principals, school committee members and parents.
The MSS has four broad domains and clarifies the indicators expected of a school to verify their achievement of a standard. These clarifications will assist principals, teachers, school committees, parents, wider school communities and School Inspectors to be more effective in their work in educational delivery and support throughout the school year.
The following Domains are used to measure school performance, improvement, development, and student achievement.

  1. School Environment, Hygiene and Safety,
  2. School Partnerships, Governance and Management,
  3. Teacher Quality
  4. Student Achievement.

 The program aims to strengthen the importance of ensuring principals and school committees are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding of the standards to ensure improvements of the school.