Celebrating International Literacy Day “Literacy in a Digital World”

8th September 2017

IMG 0384As part of MESC’s programs to promote literacy, numeracy and science in schools, a competition is held today at Malifa to commemorate International Literacy Day. Activities will focus on various themes including the International Literacy Day “Literacy in a Digital World.

The program is part of the Ministry’s program called Samoa Schools Innovation in Literacy, Numeracy and Science (SSILNaS) which aims to encourage students in both primary and secondary schools to be innovative in their approach to learning. Students should be inspired and motivated to apply their everyday life experiences to their learning to promote creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and a range of other important skills.

The schools that will be participating are mainly the schools that participated in the SSILNaS during the second term this year. Activities will be carried out today and include writing poems and stories, applying the V-Diagram tool to mathematics as well as debate.

The Ministry acknowledges with gratitude the continuous support of Samoa Stationery and Books (SSAB),the major sponsor for its activities. The support of UNESCO is also appreciated. The Ministry extends its appreciation to all its major stakeholders and parents for their support and more importantly theschool principals and teachers for their hard work throughout the year.