The Education Sector Annual Public consultation meeting was scheduled for Thursday 19th October at the TATTE Convention Centre.  Registrations commenced at 8.30am. Invitations had been extended to key stakeholders including Government Agencies, schools, PSET providers and Development Partners. The sector heads from the three Implementing Agencies (NUS, SQA and MESC) presented a summary of the year’s achievements followed by an opportunity for public discussion of key issues. Hard copies of the Annual Review Report will be provided.

The Annual Review Report FY2016/17 notes the on-going efforts to achieve the goals, objectives, outputs and indicators of the Education Sector Plan (2013-18).There had been significant focus on the delivery of training, capacity building and coordination across the sector during FY2016/2017. The NUS graduation ceremony celebrated the academic achievements of 442 students, including 174 primary and secondary teachers.  MESC continued to provide practical assistance, training and support to Principals, school committees and teachers through the delivery of training plus consultation and awareness workshops on new policies and standards. SQA facilitated the provision of support and assistance to enable Post School Education and Training (PSET) providers meet required standards and deliver appropriate and relevant programmes to meet diverse learning needs.

The report highlighted a number of initiatives using Information Communication Technology to improve access for learners through the provision of Online Distance Learning (ODL), access to Google Classroom at NUS and the introduction of E-Learning in school classrooms to improve learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy. The establishment of the School Inspectorate will assist MESC implement the Minimum Service Standards (MSS) and support school communities develop and maintain safe, climate resistant learning environments.

The sector is now in the 5th and final year of the current Education Sector Plan. Feedback from the Public Consultation meeting will inform the planning and development of the next Education sector plan.