Office of the CEO


  • Ensure efficient liaison with the office of the Minister of Education Sports & Culture;
  • Ensure coordination of the CEO’s appointment;
  • Ensure efficient flow of correspondence to and from the CEO;
  • Ensure effective liaison with the community;
  • Ensure effective coordination of UNESCO National Commission activities;
  • Ensure efficient coordination of the Executive Committees;
  • Ensure efficient and effective use of resources and advice on processes and systems;
  • Provide legal advice and service to the Ministry and to the CEO;
  • Provide policy advice to the Minister;
  • Timely submissions of briefing statements to the Minister and CEO;
  • Provide MESC representation on official and community committees as needed;
  • Conduct internal audit procedures and prepare quarterly reports;
  • Coordinate the implementation of the Education Sector Project;
  • Ensure timely reports on the Education Sector Plan