• Identify critical policy concerns on arts, culture and heritage for research and policy development.
  • Coordinate new research and identify existing research data to support policy development.
  • Develop, coordinate, monitor, review and evaluate the implementation of national culture, arts and heritage policies.
  • Identify and define the cultural sector.
  • Propose strategies to strengthen cross-sector collaboration and partnership.
  • Preserve oral traditions by publishing the Samoa Ne’I Galo series and disseminate.
  • Ensure the development of the National Culture Centre is complete to accommodate the safeguarding of Samoa’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage
  • Propose regional and international cultural, art festivals and events for Samoa to attend and coordinate representation.
  • Propose relevant international conventions and agreements Samoa can ratify and be signatory to.

Samoa Ne'i Galo - Legends

Samoa ne’i galo – Legends editions. Volume 1 – Volume 9

Annual “Samoa ne’i galo” Schools Cultural Festival

Samoa Ne'i Galo Festival


  • Act as a repository of knowledge about the Samoan material and intangible culture, and its environment
  • Serves to interpret, preserve and promote the material and intangible culture of Samoa and those of its neighboring island nations
  • Promotes the importance of preservation and conservation of the natural environment of Samoa to and for its people
  • Establishes the importance of spreading knowledge about Samoa’s material and intangible culture through school curriculum, cultural tourism, and advocacy.
  • Alerts people to issues relating to Samoa’s cultural heritage such as monuments in peril, fading skills of sailing, handicrafts, afa netting etc
  • Serves to expand and acts as a source of such knowledge by means of research i.e working with relevant universities, related organizations, members of the general public and/or hosting seminars, etc.
  • Collaborates with other museums worldwide and other regional and international organizations to further enhance its purposes and objectives set to benefit Samoa and its developments

National Museum of Samoa

Annual “Samoa ne’i galo” Schools Cultural Festival


  • Undertake variety of performances
  • Promote music education in schools
  • Promote career opportunities
  • Promote Samoa’s music industry
  • Develop composition and arrangement of Samoan musical identity

National Orchestra of Samoa