Education Sector Coordination


  • Coordinate the development of sector Implementing agency (IA) work plans and budgets to meet expected time frames, alignment with ESP and DP requirements
  • Meet sector reporting requirements for:
    • achievement of sector KPI
    • implementation and impact of planned IA activities
    • sector expenditure
    • support provided by Development Partners
    • sector governance
    • financial and risk management (including procurement and audit reports)
  • Ensure that the AMPs are in line with Education Sector Plan
  • Maintain a sector monitoring and evaluation framework to measure progress towards achievement of sector KPI
  • Monitor sector finances to update the Medium Term Expenditure Framework annually
  • Facilitate communication and liaison within the sector and with stakeholders
  • Monitor the performance assessment frameworks to meet requirements of Development Partners agreements
  • Manage, coordinate and provide the linking mechanisms between participating ministerial entities and sector partners involved in the Education Sector
  • Improve and harmonize the effectiveness of donor aid and education systems performance
  • Provide secretariat functions to the Education Sector Advisory Committee and the Education Sector Working Group
  • Implement activities to improve the sector coordination of cross cutting issues, policy development, data management and new initiatives