ICT and Media


Ensure efficient and effective ICT services:


  • Conduct, review and research ways to use ICT effectively as a tool for information dissemination;
  • Develop strategies to assist users to assessing information and communications technology for the Ministry;
  • Develop and present to Management policies for the use and procurement of ICT equipment
  • Coordinate plans and training for the use of ICT as a teaching and learning tool;
  • Develop an ICT Strategic Plan for the development of knowledge and understanding of ICT for the Ministry and school;
  • Set up Central Office as the hub for information management and dissemination through ICT;
  • Work collaboratively with the School Operations Division and CMAD in the management of ICT;
  • Oversee the security of ICT equipment at all times and especially in times of emergencies;
  • Manage the security of information through technology;
  • Prioritise and reallocate ICT equipment and machines according to needs;
  • Provide relevant documentation to support the procurement of new machines;
  • Identify staff and teacher needs;
  • Conduct training and record level of trainings offered;
  • Monitor and review ICT activities


  • Produce radio, television programs, press releases, newspaper inserts and SEUGA Newsletter
  • Spokesperson for the Ministry on Education, Sports and Culture issues
  • Implement the MESC Communication Strategy
  • Represent the MESC on official and community committee


  • Provide audio visual recordings for the safeguarding of oral traditions, arts and crafts
  • Production of advertisement materials for the promotion of MESC
  • Preserve records of cultural heritage
  • Promote cultural and educational programmes for public information