National Archives and Records Authority



  • Develop, promote efficient and effective methods, procedures and systems for the creation, management, storage, disposal, preservation and use of Public Records.
  • Provide storage, preservation, management and conditions for access to Records of permanent value in the
  • Authority’s possession according to the provisions of the Act
  • Conduct research and provide advice in relation to the management and preservation of Records of Samoa that may have archival value, whether such records are public or private.
  • Seek to obtain custody and management of resources or material not in the custody of a Public Body and which in the opinion of the Authority, forms part of the archival resources and ought to be in the custody of the Authority.


  • Provide public library services to schools and community
  • Provide all required library materials, text books and references for schools and community
  • Investigate and research enhancement to the libraries for better delivery of services
  • Conduct staff training on library skills
  • Oversee the repairs and maintenance requirements for libraries
  • Develop a system for the archival of outdated library materials, text books and references
  • Maintain and review library computerize catalogue system