Policy, Planning and Research

Functions of PPRD


Manage and ensure timeliness of:

  • the corporate planning cycle as stipulated by the central agencies;
  • the development of annual management plans for all divisions;
  • quarterly reviews of the MESC annual management plans;

Manage and ensure the implementation of all MESC plans through:

  • constant monitoring and reviews;
  • regular meetings of the corporate planning committee(CPC);

Ensure all plans are interlinked

Ensure that the MESC annual reports are produced and tabled in parliament.

Produce the annual school term calendar


  • Conduct policy development and analysis;
  • Manage the conduct of policy development through the establishment of working parties;
  • Provision of guidance and mentoring for policy content divisions;
  • Presentation of policy papers for management decision;
  • Distribution of final approved policies;
  • Prepare cabinet submissions for policy endorsement
  • Assist in the development of the MESC annual reports


  • Manage the collection, collation, analysis, and presentation of data to management and educational stakeholders;
  • Provide data support to strategic planning and management decision making;
  • Produce and present analytical reports to inform research and policy development;
  • Provide data to ensure proper allocation of resources to schools;
  • Conduct the annual school census;
  • Develop and produce the MESC annual statistical digest;
  • Update the Student Education Number (SEN) register and make amendments to the examination lists;
  • Provide data for efficient planning and utilization of resources and effective performance monitoring;
  • Assist with the development of the MESC annual reports
  • Collect enrolment data for ECE centers and special schools for allocation of the government grant


  • Manage the monitoring and reporting processes of all MESC projects to MESC Management and CDC;
  • Present Project Briefs for decision of Management as required;
  • Provide summaries of progress and emerging issues related to project implementation;
  • Evaluate impact of projects in contributing to MESC Goals and Objectives;
  • Monitor the implementation of all MESC projects/programmes and submit quarterly reports to Management;
  • Update the MESC Projects Management Database;
  • Lead and manage the conduct of research according to the MESC research guidelines and ethics;
  • Identify and recommend key research issues to management;
  • Conduct research according to prioritized issues from management and research areas in the Education Sector Research Strategy
  • Review MESC Research Guidelines based on education reforms