School Operations


The overall function of School operations is to assure quality of education through the continuing development of student performance, teacher management (Posting) and overall enhanced school improvement and performance:

  • Manages and implements the Minimum Service Standards (MSS) in schools with a focus on school environment, hygiene and safety; school partnership, governance and management; teacher quality; student achievement and classroom assessment.
  • Manages school improvement processes through continuous assessment and development of School Improvement Plans and School Annual Management Plans.
  • Regulates and monitors school registration, governance and management requirements as stipulated in the Education Act 2009 (or its amended version), School Governance Framework and policies and the School Organisational Manual;
  • Monitors compliance of schools with the Compulsory Education Provision in the Education Act 2009 (or its amended version) and other relevant legislations;
  • Leads and manage all teaching personnel and ensure staffing requirements are addressed efficiently and effectively in compliance with prevailing MESC legislations and policies;
  • Manages School Staffing and School Personnel to ensure compliance with established policies.
  • The following sets out each of the key responsibilities of each of the Units

1. School Performance & Improvement Units (Savaii, Manono & Upolu)

The SPI Units responsibilities are:

a) School Performance:

  • Develop and maintain a School Performance database.
  • Monitoring of schools’ Annual Reports on their Annual Plans and School Improvement Plans.
  • Develop criteria and benchmarks for performance that will enable school management

2. School Personnel & Staffing Unit (SPSU)

The SPS Unit is responsible for:

a) School Personnel:

  • Ensure Performance Plans for PORs are aligned with their respective schools School Improvement Plans and School Annual Plans
  • Ensure timely submission of all Performance Plans for PORs to PSC.
  • Ensure timely preparation and submission of all Performance Review reports for PORs to CMM and PSC.
  • Ensure timely submission to PSC of extension requests.
  • Liaise with School Inspectors on complaints and investigations regarding teaching personnel
  • Manage the counseling and discipline of teaching personnel.
  • Coordinate with the Media Unit to design and prepare promotional materials advertising the teaching profession
  • Collaborate with Teacher Development Division to ensure that all new appointees receive appropriate induction training

b) School Staffing:

  • Work closely with School Inspectors, School Principals and School Committees to ensure school staffing needs are managed adequately
  • Identify staffing needs according to policies on staffing ratios outline in the MESC Staffing Manual
  • Prepare requests for donor funded/volunteer staff on an as need basis and ensure schools have exit plans for volunteers
  • Prepare and submit Staffing Verification visits Work-Plan to ACEO SOD for endorsement
  • Prepare and submit Staffing Monitoring Visit reports
  • Coordinate Posting Committee meetings

3. School Inspectors (SI)

The School Inspectors (School Support Advisors) responsibilities are to:

  • Monitor regularly the collection and efficient communication of school data as required by various ministry divisions;
  • Monitor, evaluate, review, and report the compliance of each assigned school with the MSS on a regular basis;
  • Identify areas of non-compliance of each school and provide strategic advice for school improvement in the identified areas;
  • Monitor, review and report monthly on the progress of cluster schools against their respective School Improvement and School Management Plans;
  • Foster closer professional collaborations between cluster schools for professional development and professional learning opportunities;
  • Strategically advise cluster school principals to execute their leadership roles more effectively and inclusively in close collaboration with the School Committees, PTA and wider community.
  • Assist with the management of school resources efficiently in accordance with Ministry mandates, policy and processes, in order to foster quality assurance and ethical standards of all services;
  • Provide advice to SOD of the cluster schools’ performance and development work and progress through verbal and written reports.
  • Liaise with School Inspectors to identify either school specific or system wide training needs and liaise with the PEO Teacher Development (TDAD) to design and provide that training.