MESC Staff First Aid Training Certificates Awarding

The First Aid Training was held at the Falesamoa – Main Office (MESC) for 1 week started from 15th to 19th June 2020. The training was mainly conducted to equip and train the Ministry corporate staff in responding to essential emergency to preserving life.

There were 25 participants chosen from all divisions of 14 and were divided into 2 groups whereby each group was facilitated in turns of 2 and a half days.

The Objectives of the First Aid Training was as follows:

  • Rules & Regulations
  • Action Plan
  • Types of Diseases and Prevention Controls – Non-communicable & Communicable

The Training was facilitated by experienced Red Cross Society Coordinator Ms. Goretti Wulf. There were 24 participants of MESC employees that have completed the training and are now officiate as ‘Certified First Aid Giver’ whose names are as follows:

1.Liesl Ah Kuoi-Tauti’aga 13. Ieremia Gale 
2.Levusi Levi 14. Tautalaso’o Uelese 
3.Mefiposeta Su’a Stowers 15. Toa Tevaga 
4.Scopa To’oala 16. Nimera Taofia 
5.Ruta Afemata-Fuimaono 17. Leute Fa’amanu Mataipule 
6.Tupuola Opelogo Niusila 18. Miriama Viavia 
7.Fafo Filifaiesea 19. Meritiana Oti-Ng Lam 
8.Gaoafaranifou Faiva 20. Nofoaluma Lemoa 
9.Pesamino Ioapo 21. Savelio Ifopo 
10.TJ Naioti 22. Eseta Opapo 
11.Adventure Lagisi 23. Visesio Ah Yek 
12.Shirley Asiata 24. Hinorma Onesemo-Fiu 

The Training Content was cleaved into two parts – Theory and Practice. In completion of the training, reflective feedbacks from participants were acknowledged as they had gained new and essential knowledge in relation to life-perseverance. They had also acknowledged the opportunity to enhance their capacity building and were all looking forward to utilize these obtaining skills to save a life.

As the CEO of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture, I sincerely thank the Facilitator of the Training – Ms. Goretti Wulf and wish her well. I have no doubt the trainings have helped participants to gain confidence and knowledge to help and save a life when is needed. Thank you & God bless.

Afamasaga Dr. Karoline Afamasaga-Fuata’i
Chief Executive Officer
Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture

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