Forms for Teachers

This section contains all frequently requested forms for teachers. You may need to download and print out a form to complete.

Full Teacher Registration

Complete this form if you are:

  • teaching in a school (with 2 years or more of teaching experience)
  • resuming employment in a school or a new teacher in Samoa and have not registered as a teacher with the Teachers Council
  • a Principal/Vice Principal or ECE Principal

FORM TCFT1A – Full Teacher Registration Form (3.19 MB)

Temporary Teacher Registration

Complete this form if you are:

  • a graduate teacher (less than 2 years of teaching experience) or other
  • a volunteer teacher or other
  • an overseas teacher teaching in Samoa for up to 2 years
  • a part-time teacher/reliving teacher

FORM TCTT1B – Full Temporary Teacher Registration (3.20 MB)

Character Reference for Full or Temporary Registration

This form is used by teacher referees to complete by providing a written statement of your character as a teacher

FORM – Character Reference Template (0.98 MB)


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