Samoa Language Commission


  • Initiate, develop, coordinate, review and advise upon and assist in implementation of policies, procedures, measures and practices designed to give effect to the declaration in section 5 of the Samoan Language Act as an official language of Samoa.
  • Generally to promote the Samoan language, and in particular, its use as a living language and as an ordinary means of communication.
  • Develop a strategic plan and a corporate plan for the commission.
  • Monitor and advise the implementation of its policies and corporate plan.
  • Consider and report to the Minister upon any matter relating to the Samoan language that the Minister may refer to the Commission for its advice.
  • Advise the government and the Parliament on Samoan language matters through the Minister.
  • Carry out consultation on policy development, publicize policies and decisions on the Samoan Language.
  • Monitor development or changes in the Samoan Language
  • Provide the interpretation and translation service
  • Carry out other functions conferred on it under this Act or any other Act.