• Develop, monitor and evaluate the strategic implementation of the National Sports Policy.
  • Monitor, evaluate and review the implementation of Health & Physical Education in Primary and Secondary schools.
  • Conduct OR coordinate coaching and refereeing in-service training for teachers to effectively implement the Health & P.E. Curriculum.
  • Promote and develop sports and Health & P.E programs for Special Needs schools.
  • Coordinate and fund the accreditation and certification of coaches and referees in the communities to be in accordance with International Standards.
  • Coordinate and encourage widespread participation in quality Sports and Physical Activities at all levels.
  • Coordinate OR conduct sports management and administration seminars to establish accountability and transparency within Sports Associations.
  • Encourage and promote quality competitions on a provincial and national level for schools and communities.
  • Coordinate, administer and review the Sports Compensation Scheme.
  • Construct new and upgrade existing sports facilities in accordance with international standards.
  • Procure and distribute appropriate sports equipment.
  • Liaise and strengthen collaboration and partnership with SASNOC to ensure
  • Government support to host national and international sport events
  • Provide appropriate technical and financial assistance for Elite Athletes and
  • National Teams for international competitios