Chinmoy Global Peace Run

This is one of the events introduced for the first time in our country this week. Sri Chinmoy Oneness is a Home Global Peace Run and is known in its history as the longest torch relay. Since 1987, the inspirational event has grown to include over 150 countries, sharing the simple, profound message that world peace starts inside the heart of each one of us.

This will be the first time the Peace Run will encircle the globe in one continuous route visiting all nations in the Southern Hemisphere, Samoa inclusive, in a 10-month journey around the world.

The Peace Run aims to inspire people from all walks of life to help foster a better, brighter future for us all. A small team of 5 runners carrying the Peace Torch will be arriving on the 31st of March and will be visiting schools on the 1st of April. They will be sharing a simple message that peace starts inside the heart of each of us, offering the children the opportunity to express their own aspiration for peace.

Four government schools are scheduled to host this rare opportunity with the team. The visit will include two primary schools, Vaimea and Vaivase primary school and two colleges which are Vaimauga and Leififi College.

The team will depart for Tonga tomorrow (02/04/19)

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