Press Release – Recordkeeping Training

“A Government without records is a Government without a memory”. (2008, Keeping Archives, 3rd edition)

The above phrase was visibly demonstrated on Wednesday (10/3/21) at the Records Managers’ two day training hosted by the National Archives and Records Authority (NARA) division at the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture.

The objectives of the training was to provide awareness of the Public Records Act 2011 and the existing Recordkeeping Tools to strengthen the implementation of the standardised recordkeeping system as outlined in the Common Administrative Retention Schedules 2007 and the Code of Best Practice 2007.  The participants were reminded of the importance of good recordkeeping practices which begin with creating, managing, closing, and preparing the records (over 25 years old since closed) to be transferred to NARA.

As emphasized by the NARA ACEO and facilitators, when the life cycle of a record is well managed and well looked after, the archival transfer process and the quality of records to be archived will be guaranteed.  Archives transferred from all government ministries will collectively tell the story of the current government matters and functions to future generations.  

On that note, more than fifty participants who are Records Managers and Human Resources personnels from different Government Ministries and Agencies were advised of their key roles and responsibilities in ensuring records are well managed within their workplaces. 

A highlight of the NARA archives internal procedures and processes was part of the second day (11/3/21) with the presentation on disaster preparedness for recordkeeping and the importance of having a plan to ensure the safety of records in times of disasters.  The two day training began with presentations on the recordkeeping system including group activities and ended with the presentation of certificates.


Afamasaga Dr. Karoline Afamasaga – Fuata’i

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