Request Bid for Tenders

  1. The Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC) invites sealed Bids from eligible Tenderers for the hiring of vehicles to transport Examination Officers and Assessment Documents during Primary National Assessments (October 21 – 25 (5 days) and Secondary National Examinations, November 11 -21 (9 days).
  2. A pre-bid meeting will be held Monday 16th September, 10am at MESC Headquarters, Malifa. For your bid to be considered, this meeting requires compulsory attendance. Only Bids from Tenderers who attended the pre-bid meeting, will be considered.
  3. A total of 30 routes are available for bidding – 27 Upolu & 3 Savaii. Please uplift RfQ forms from the Assessment & Examinations Division during normal working hours or e-copy via the email given below. The MESC encourages Bidders from both Upolu and Savaii, to apply.
  4. Manufacturing year of vehicle/s is from 2009 and must hold a current WOF. All vehicles are to be RH Drive.
  5. Electronic tendering is not permitted. ALL Bids are to be addressed to the:
    Tenders Board
    Ministry of Finance
    And submitted in a sealed envelope to:
    Level 4
    Ministry of Finance
    Central Bank
  6. Closing date for submission of Bids is 10am Tuesday 23rd September.
  7. Interested Tenderers may obtain further information from the MESC contact person, Funealii L. Sooaemalelagi, or via email

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